Our approach to Sound

RSWSound Ltd are audio specialists. We understand that the quality of the music or speech can make or break the event, with the whole enjoyment of an attendee at risk if they cannot hear the event clearly. We usually spread the sound out throughout the venue evenly as we know it is important for everyone to hear fairly.

We believe in getting it right through design and finesse, rather than just turning it up!

But if you are going loud...

We regularly provide systems for large outdoor events such as music concerts, fireworks or country shows. We have experience in doing this at many of the well-known venues around Hampshire, from Southampton’s Guildhall Square to the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre.

Need more of a sensitive feel...

We often deliver multiple smaller setups for large community events, such as the Beggars Fair in Romsey and other indoor corporate shows. We can provide simple approaches such as battery powered PA systems and a variety of microphones suitable for each occasion. We always aim to provide that professional feel to all projects through accurate selection and positioning of our equipment.