Our approach to
Stage & Set

Getting the size of stage correct at your event is crucial. Too high a stage will prove a challenge for your audience to focus on, but too low and many just won’t see.

The stage also needs to look the part….

RSWSound Ltd understand that the stage is the focal point of your event and we can provide a variety of options to give your event a professional finish.

If required we can dress our stage/s with carpet and material at the sides as needed. This gives the stage a nice corporate feel and allows key equipment to be hidden. It can also provide potential additional income streams for our clients through branding and graphics. We can also provide stage furniture and lecterns as required.

RSWSound Ltd have a variety of options available for dressing the back of the stage. Our ‘pipe and drape’ setups will hide any unwanted venue walls or backstage areas. These are installed in minutes and the material can be provided in a variety of colours. So if your background needs to reflect corporate or sponsorship requirements, custom printed banners or background setups can be arranged for you with ease.

Trailer Stage

RSWSound Ltd can provide a variety of trailer stage options for one-day outdoor events.

Trailer stages can provide a simple and quick option for any outdoor event which has a stage requirement. The stage arrives to site in the morning towed by a 4 X 4. It is quickly set up by the driver, allowing PA and lighting to be set up in plenty of time saving large crew bills at your event. The stage is broken down at the end of the day and taken away.

Bespoke Staging

If you are looking for a specific stage setup for your event we can provide a variety of solutions.

Our adaptable stage deck options can provide a variety of structures for performances. This could include different size platforms, stage steps, PA towers, ramps, camera setups, accessible viewing platforms and even a front of house catwalk! The possibilities are endless...