Our approach to Lighting

RSWSound Ltd approach the technical production of your event like all areas of our company, with great care and finesse. We appreciate that lighting can distract an audience when it is wrong and that even the simplest lighting setup needs installing well. We have experienced lighting designers that can take your vision from conception to reality whilst liaising with you throughout. Our wide variety of lighting options will provide you with solutions for any situation.

Intelligent Lighting

We can provide a variety of moving heads, specific LED fixtures and RGB LED lighting all controlled by our team on digital control systems. We have used this equipment to light a variety of live music events, corporate presentations and gatherings in conference and music venues alike.

We have different rigging technologies to position the lighting exactly where you want it to give your event the impact you are aiming for.

Generic Lighting

If you just need to keep things simple — for example uplighting the walls in your bar area, we have a variety of different generic lighting packages available, including battery powered and programmable LED uplighters or simple spots to light a stage. Everything can be preprogrammed by our team during setup, making this perfect for providing simple effects in seminar rooms or wider waiting areas.