Our approach to AV

RSWSound Ltd understand the importance and power of good audio visual within today’s events. We appreciate that many events can incorporate a variety of visual elements and so expectations are often high.

From cameras and live streaming to slide decks within hybrid meetings, we believe that good attention to AV can make all the difference at your event. Getting the right connections, formats and licenses matter in this area and we work with our clients closely to ensure a professional end result.

LED (Trailer) Screens

Through our tried and tested suppliers we can provide low-stress and straightforward screen solutions to your event to project live camera feeds, slideshows and sponsorship logos.

We can provide trailer screens in a variety of sizes that can be setup and packed away quickly and efficiently to minimise the disruption to your event site. These come with dedicated technicians.

Indoor Screens

When producing indoor events with simple AV requirements a free-standing LED screen can often be all that you need to take your event to that next level.

RSWSound Ltd can provide a variety of screens and supporting hardware which can be adapted depending on the setup of the room.

Screen Content

We can provide camera operators and vision mixers to allow all live content to be seen by all at your event.

This package will come with the necessary hardware to play any graphics, logos or other event information that you wish to publicise.

Hybrid & Streaming

Often combined with the above. We are experienced with doing hybrid events that enable you to import your keynote speaker to the event itself or open up your questions to those on Zoom or Microsoft Teams, ensuring that distance is not a barrier to good audience collaboration.

Pre & Post Production Work

Our arrangements with tried and tested editors allow us to put together any videos or content needed for your event efficiently. Whether it be the producing of pre-event promotional material or a post-event showreel covering your highlights, RSWSound Ltd will help you to deliver and then remember your event.